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A simple red rose on a white background can reduce even some of the surliest English rugby fans to emotional wrecks. The iconic white jersey - which has gone largely unchanged in generations - is as much a design classic as it is a workable rugby kit. Its success has meant that the rose has been incorporated into countless other shirts, rugby jumpers and accessories. This has provided English fans with garments they can wear to show their support, whilst enabling a change from the prescribed colour, shape, or design to something much more stylish.

Designer rugby shirts Eden Park's English Exclusive Collection contains a number of jumpers, shirts and jackets that offer a fashionable choice of attire for the discerning England fan. It marries the heritage contained within the red rose with a stylish and elegant clothing range that's perfect for any supporter who wants to show their true colours in a stylish and fashionable manner. Men's rugby shirts In our range of exclusive England wear, Eden Park has created designer England rugby wear that ramps up the style without losing sight of the rich legacy.