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Be it at home, work or on the playing field, men want to ensure they look their best at all times. Now, a man will take as much pride in his wardrobe as he will his work, car or hobbies, looking to fill it with classy and urbane but also practical outfits. So for the rise of the discerning, fashionable man, Eden Park has a men's designer clothing range to suit all needs and styles.

Mens Designer Clothing : The iconic rugby shirt, with its smart, classy design and robust fabric, it is a perfect day-to-day garment that will stand firm against the test of everyday wearing and washing. Likewise, designer polo shirts offer a great middle ground between smart and casual, with a classic design that's been in fashion ever since they were devised in the 1920s. Now, as synonymous with rugby as it is tennis and polo, this button-collar t-shirt provides great comfort as well as the iconic but wonderfully simple design. Designer Menswear : When circumstances dictate a less casual get up, coupling a smart rugby jumper with a formal jacket makes for a fashionable outfit that allows the freedom to take the blazer off, but retain a very smart and classy look. Couple this with a smart closed shoe and you have an outfit perfect for any fashionable gent.