• 2012 March 12

    Paris Fashion Week outfits suggest spring has sprung

    Paris Fashion Week outfits suggest spring has sprung

    The clothes sported by celebrities at Paris Fashion Week reflect the changing seasons, a blogger has claimed.

    Writing for SeattlePI's Star Sightings and Fashion blog, reporter Vanessa Ho pointed out that among the women's designer clothing worn by the famous attendees were a whole host of mini-skirts, shorts and light dresses.

    She picked out the outfit worn by Chinese actress Ni Ni as an example of how celebrity fashion has adapted from winter to spring; the 23-year-old wore a long blue coat with a pair of tiny white shorts.

    Ms Ho noted that fellow thespians Mia Wasikowska and Kate Mara were also pictured sat together, both dressed for warmer climes in mini-dresses for their appearance at the fashion week.

    However, clothes were not the only focus at the event, with pop star Katy Perry raising a few eyebrows with her new hair style. GraziaDaily.co.uk reported that the singer has dyed her hair blue and tried out a number of different styles over the course of Paris Fashion Week, including a top bun and a bouffant.

    "Whether she is going for full-on glamour, channelling a pin-up or working a sleek pony-tail, the songstress knows how to rock the sapphire hair hue" remarked the fashion news website.